The automatic control system of the peanut oil press is composed of: temperature controller, automatic circuit protection device, heater, screw press and squeezer, body assembly, etc. It has both automatic and cold and hot processes.

The working principle of the peanut oil press: the motor is decelerated and transmitted to the spindle. The screw mounted on the spindle rotates to push the oil between the threads forward. As the space between the press chamber and the screw is gradually reduced, The density of the oil increases, so the pressure gradually increases. In the pressing process, because the machine is automatically heated by the day, the temperature of the main body of the machine is increased by the automatic temperature control device, thereby reducing labor intensity, the wear of the oil press, energy saving and environmental protection, between the oil particles, between the oil and the parts Friction occurs and heat is generated. This constitutes the pressure and heat of the oil pressing process, which destroys the tissue cells of the oil. The oil overflows from the oil line, and the cake is pushed out between the cake head and the cake outlet. When the spilled oil flows into the oil filter barrel through the oil pan, the vacuum pump draws out the air in the barrel. Negative pressure is formed in the barrel, the oil passes through the filter cloth and is drawn into the barrel, while the oil residue is isolated on the filter cloth, and the pure oil is obtained at this time.

Hot pressing process of peanut oil press: by selecting and clearing the mud, sand, stones and metals in the oil; in order to ensure or increase the oil yield, the shelled oil such as peanuts and tea seeds needs to be peeled or crushed before proceeding. Pressing oil; the quality of oilseed fried seeds is a key factor that affects the oil yield. Through fried seeds, the water and temperature of the oil are adjusted; before the oil is pressed, the press chamber needs to ensure that it reaches a temperature suitable for oil pressing. To ensure the normal output of the oil, the pressure of the press chamber is controlled by adjusting the thickness of the dry cake over time to ensure the normal output of the cake and oil.

Cold pressing process: squeeze with your nails, there will be a noise, when it is divided into two pieces and squeezed out with oil, the moisture is suitable. If the ingredients are too dry and the cake is too wet, the key is to control the moisture.