The phenomenon of non-feeding and blocking of the new oil press, especially for new customers, could not find the reason and the treatment method for the non-feeding of the new oil press for a while:

  1. The screw shaft of the new oil press is suddenly jammed: the feed is too fast and the load suddenly increases; immediately stop and pour out the cake residue in the press chamber.
  2. Uneven steaming of the pot: During inspection, if the steam injection hole of the steamer is blocked or rusted, the steam injection hole should be cleared; if the blank is stuck to the bottom of the pot in the middle and lower pot, the distance between the scraper and the bottom of the pot can be adjusted ; If the scraper is twisted and worn, the scraper should be replaced; if the raw material is unevenly cooked, the limit switches, contacts and floating plates should be adjusted to coordinate their actions.
  3. Belt lubrication and no material extraction: Too much oil accumulates in the lower part of the conveyor of the bucket elevator, causing blockage. You can open the door at the lower part of the conveyor to remove the accumulated oil.
  4. Screen cloth oil feed on one side: during inspection, if the screen surface is not horizontally horizontal, the length of the left and right booms should be adjusted to be equal; if the screen body is twisted, the eccentric wheel shaft can be adjusted to be vertical to the frame.
  5. There are many hard shells in the oil and dry, and the resistance is large; the gap of the cake outlet is too small, and the cake ring is not smooth. Fourth, the body temperature is low. Fifth, the hard objects enter the press chamber with the oil; remove the hard shell and adjust the moisture of the oil.
  6. Adjust the gap of the cake outlet and polish the cake ring to increase the body temperature. The fifth is to take out the hard objects and cake residues in the press chamber.