Process flow of large-scale oil extraction equipment:

  1) Oil pretreatment

That is, a series of treatments such as cleaning, shelling, crushing, rolling, steaming and frying of the oil before the oil extraction. The purpose is to remove impurities and make the oil into a material with certain mechanical properties to meet the requirements of the oil extraction process. Require;

   2) Pressing oil

  We highly recommend the squeezing method to extract oil. Henan Taixing has two models of screw oil press and hydraulic oil press. Compared with the extraction method, the squeezing method has simple process, less supporting equipment, is suitable for a variety of oils, has flexible production, good oil quality, light color, pure flavor, and the remaining oil cake can be used for feed and fertilizer;

  3) Separation of crude oil residue

  The unrefined vegetable oil obtained by pressing is generally called crude oil or crude oil. Crude oil usually contains some solid impurities such as oil cake powder, silt, straw fiber, etc. Because these impurities mostly exist in the oil in a suspended state, they are called suspended impurities. The suspended impurities in the crude oil have a negative impact on the transportation, temporary storage and subsequent refining of the crude oil, so it must be removed from the crude oil in time after the residual oil;

  The advantages of large-scale oil pressing equipment production line:

   1. Reduce the wear and tear on subsequent equipment and improve the environmental quality of the workshop;

  2. Increase equipment output, increase oil output rate, and ensure the quality of fats, cakes and by-products to the maximum extent;

  3, the lowest oil breakage rate, the destructiveness to the cake protein is minimized.