Hydraulic oil press is a new type of oil press equipment developed and improved according to China’s national conditions. The oil press has a small footprint, high production efficiency, exquisite material selection, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, reliable quality, simple operation, energy-saving, labor-saving and electricity-saving And other advantages, it also has many advantages such as automatic temperature control, one-time squeezing, high oil yield, vacuum filtration, and high production efficiency.

technical parameter:

  Applicable objects: corn, rapeseed, tea seed, soybean, peanut oil

   Equipped with power: 5.5kw

  Processing capacity: 100kg/h

   Machine weight: 780kg

  The diameter of the inner circle of the press chamber: 80mm

   snail squeezing speed: 47r/min

  Scope of application:

   The hydraulic oil press can be used for multiple purposes in one machine to process more than 20 kinds of oils such as sesame, peanut, rapeseed, tea seed, soybean, sunflower, flax, cottonseed, corn, walnut and so on. The four-stage squeezed oil is vacuum filtered, fragrant and attractive, crystal clear and pure, safe and hygienic, and can be eaten directly or sold in bottles.

   Equipment advantages:

The hydraulic oil press adopts the row-type squeezer independently researched and developed by the factory. The oil output area of ​​the squeeze barrel is 15 times the area of ​​the drilled squeezer, and the oil output of the squeeze barrel is easier and faster. Clearer, higher oil output, no need to clean the squeezer, no blockage of the oil passage, no upturning of the oil in the barrel, reducing labor intensity, using the principle of multi-stage propulsion and gradual pressurization, so that the pressure of the squeezing barrel can be increased rapidly, and the oil can be used at one time. Sexual fission separation enables the oil to directly soften the oil molecules, stable squeezing, and exhausted at one time, greatly improving the oil yield.