The complete set of equipment for oil extraction is mainly composed of extractor, evaporator, evaporator, stripper, condenser and other equipment. Using the extraction principle of organic solvents, the oil embryos (soybeans) or pre-pressed cakes (rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower seeds, peanuts, rice bran, sesame, tea seeds, coconuts, etc.) are contacted, soaked or sprayed to make the oil The middle fat is extracted.

The basic process and principle of the complete set of equipment for oil leaching is an oil-making method in which organic solvents that can dissolve oil are selected, and the oil in the oil is extracted through contact with the oil (soaking or spraying). The process is: immerse the oil embryo (or pre-pressed cake) in the solvent, dissolve the oil in the solvent (compose the mixed oil), then separate the mixed oil from the solid residue (dregs), and then evaporate the mixed oil according to different boiling points , Steam stripping, so that the solvent is vaporized into vapor and separated from the oil, thereby obtaining grease (extracted crude oil). The solvent vapor is condensed, cooled and recovered, and then reused. The meal also contains a certain amount of solvent, and the dried meal is obtained after desolventizing and drying. The solvent vapor volatilized during the desolventizing and drying process is still condensed and cooled for recycling.

In the processing of various types of pre-pressed cakes, machine-pressed cakes, puffed materials, green flakes, pellets, and powdered materials, through the design and implementation of different processing techniques and engineering solutions for different immersion materials, The processing capacity is 20~5000 tons/day.

Complete equipment for oil leaching: The leaching method for oil production is based on the principle of extraction. The oil is extracted from the oil by solvent oil, and the oil is dissolved in the solvent oil, which is called mixed oil. Then the solvent oil is evaporated through the evaporation equipment, condensed and recycled. Utilization, the remaining grease is crude oil, and the dipped meal is sent to the desolventizer by a scraper conveyor for drying and then transported to the meal storehouse.

  This leaching equipment has a high oil output rate and continuous operation. The leaching equipment is well-designed, energy-saving and electricity-saving.