The average oil yield of sunflower seeds in my country is 30% to 35%. Sunflower seed oil is a high-quality edible oil with an unsaturated fatty acid content of more than 90%. In addition, it is also rich in vitamin E, carotene, sodium, calcium, zinc and other nutrients.

The processing of sunflower oil mainly adopts the pressing process, and the oil is pressed by a screw press. The processing flow is as follows:

First, the raw sunflower seeds are sieved, washed, and clean, high-quality seeds are selected.

The sunflower seeds are hulled to get the seeds inside.

For frying sunflower seed kernels, the moisture content of the oil is controlled at 3%-5%, and the temperature for frying seeds is 110°C-130°C.

A screw press is used for pressing. If cold pressing is selected, a hydraulic press is required.

The crude oil obtained by pressing is filtered, degummed, decolorized, deacidified, deodorized, and dewaxed to obtain the finished sunflower oil.

The dewaxing process is an additional process that should be performed on sunflower seeds, linseeds, tea seeds and other seeds with wax on the cell wall and oilseed shells, such as sesame oil, walnut oil, etc., without this process.